Yep! MLVSTF v0.8 is ready to download and play! Feel free to drop some feedbacks and comments about this game.

Quick Download Link (23.2 MB)
Check out new screenies!

And finally, the bad news is that I'm leaving for Army boot camp training in March 26, 2012 and will not be back until July.
Yep, I'm working on many parts on MLVSTF and it's almost complete for v0.8! Here are the list what I did so far:
  • Yoshi is complete, build with eating and spitting
  • Kirby is complete, build with sucking, flying, and copy abilities
  • All levels for v0.8 is complete with many modifications
  • Level 5 (snow level) got a little bit extended and boss modified
  • New implantation from my new Mario engine, SME3! Reduced slippery
  • Enhanced backgrounds, most of the levels have parallax backgrounds
  • Enhanced mine cart physics
  • FPS increased from 30 to 60
  • More polished game play with many new eyecandies
  • Brand new HUD!
  • New map appearance
Yep, I'm expecting to release the next version very soon. Stay tuned!

An exciting mario fangame from MFGG.