Yep, I'm working on many parts on MLVSTF and it's almost complete for v0.8! Here are the list what I did so far:
  • Yoshi is complete, build with eating and spitting
  • Kirby is complete, build with sucking, flying, and copy abilities
  • All levels for v0.8 is complete with many modifications
  • Level 5 (snow level) got a little bit extended and boss modified
  • New implantation from my new Mario engine, SME3! Reduced slippery
  • Enhanced backgrounds, most of the levels have parallax backgrounds
  • Enhanced mine cart physics
  • FPS increased from 30 to 60
  • More polished game play with many new eyecandies
  • Brand new HUD!
  • New map appearance
Yep, I'm expecting to release the next version very soon. Stay tuned!

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