Ever since the creation of Supernova Mario World Engine (My 3rd engine based on SMW.) I am thinking about to redesign the whole game engine. Currently MLVSTF is under heavy re-development through the engine. Instead of using my 1st engine, MLVSTF will be run under my third engine. Plus the fps is no longer 30, it will be 60.

For other re-development. Graphics will be changed. Characters sprites will no longer small sized SMB3. It will be my custom sprite. And custom graphics will be re-draw, which means polishing the graphics.

Plans for the next version:
-Better engine
-SMB3 graphics to my custom styled graphics
-Sound changes
-HUD chages
-Some boss redesigns
-Redesign weapons
-Smoother game play
-More features and polished mapscreen
-Mapscreen furby for a minigame battle

Stay tunned!

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