MLVSTF is no longer fun for me to work anymore, it's like a boring chore. Plus, very few of y'all waiting for future progress.

  • I'm starting an indie recently
  • Some levels are too unfair that I don't even bother to modify them anymore, even I complete certain sections
  • Engine is getting bad and slippery. Slopes are very glitchy.
  • Maybe I might share the Kirby engine but the whole concept is retarded and immature.

Thank you and have a nice day.
Yep! I just got back from the Army. Mess around MLVSTF a little more and released the v0.8.5.

Major updates:
  • Pipes
  • New Kirby Physics
  • Some edits and glitch fixes
Yep! MLVSTF v0.8 is ready to download and play! Feel free to drop some feedbacks and comments about this game.

Quick Download Link (23.2 MB)
Check out new screenies!

And finally, the bad news is that I'm leaving for Army boot camp training in March 26, 2012 and will not be back until July.
Ever since the creation of Supernova Mario World Engine (My 3rd engine based on SMW.) I am thinking about to redesign the whole game engine. Currently MLVSTF is under heavy re-development through the engine. Instead of using my 1st engine, MLVSTF will be run under my third engine. Plus the fps is no longer 30, it will be 60.

For other re-development. Graphics will be changed. Characters sprites will no longer small sized SMB3. It will be my custom sprite. And custom graphics will be re-draw, which means polishing the graphics.

Plans for the next version:
-Better engine
-SMB3 graphics to my custom styled graphics
-Sound changes
-HUD chages
-Some boss redesigns
-Redesign weapons
-Smoother game play
-More features and polished mapscreen
-Mapscreen furby for a minigame battle

Stay tunned!
Some of the people from MFGG thought I canceled MLVSTF. Behold! MLVSTF v0.7 is here!

Go to the download page to start playing the new version!
After many month of frustration by fixing my PC.
I found out its Power Supply is broken so I bought a new one by saving up moneys.

BTW, I removed the forums, because it turned into zataboard ruining my board css.

Also, I removed older version. Because the hosting website is dead and all of my uploaded files are deleted.
This minigame competition #50 from MFGG(Mario Fan Game Galaxy.)
Also, this is the last boss of this game!
Download here: link
Yoyogames instant play: link
 Recently, my game developing speed start to slow. Because I'm Too busy!
The two reasons are:
-Teaching SAT class;
-Too much work;
-Minigame competition.

And also, this game has been around one year!
Since I added Luigi as a second main character, the title of this fangame changed into Mario and Luigi vs the Furbies.

Jul 20, 2009
My computer broke for several months and I finished v0.5 aftermy computer is fixed. Go to the Downloads in the sidebar and you can download the new verson.

Feb 19, 2009
v0.4 is avalible, click here to download.

Oct 13, 2008
V0.3 is here! Click here to see it.

Sept 15, 2008
A new video added, click here to see it.

Sept 10, 2008

Goodies added, click here to see it.

Aug 15, 2008

Welcome to my new website! Hope you like it. :-)

An exciting mario fangame from MFGG.